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Sage MAS Sales Tax Powered by AvaTax

For companies doing business in a number of tax jurisdictions, sales tax compliance has become a complex nightmare. Kansas alone has over 800 taxing jurisdictions. Take that times multiple states and you can see what a daunting task sales tax reporting becomes. Add in destination based sales tax rules and state specific tax regulations and things get really hairy.

Sage Software has automated the sales tax process with the Sages Sales Tax module powered by AvaTax. This is a hosted, Web-service-based solution that automatically performs address validation, sales tax jurisdiction research, and sales and use tax rate calculation – all on the fly within Sage 100, with no change to your existing workflow. It also gives you secure data storage for tax filing and reporting. The Sage Sales Tax databases are updated continually to ensure that you’re always using the most current information possible every time you create an order or invoice. You’ll never have to research or maintain a tax rate or tax schedule again.

A correct sales tax calculation starts with identification of all applicable taxing jurisdictions to a street address. For every calculation, Sage Sales Tax performs address verification locating the exact street address within a jurisdiction using a geocoding mapping system. This accurately standardizes and validates addresses, decreasing data entry time and reducing shipping rates. The tax is calculated using pre-set user configurations that include nexus, tax jurisdictional issues, exception processing, product taxability, sourcing rules, split rates, and maximum tax.

The module comes with comprehensive reporting options for detail, summary and exception reports. Data can be exported in standard data format and can be consolidated for multiple companies. The entire return process can be automated with your data automatically populated onto the form.

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