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Time and labor management

Streamline Your Time Tracking System

The demand to manage employee work time more efficiently is continually increasing and the most effective way to manage labor time is by automating your time tracking system. Through automation, you can recoup up to 8% of your annual payroll costs that are lost on manual data entry errors and unapproved or unauthorized time. In addition, our systems provide invaluable real-time reports, empowering you and your managers the ability to proactively manage labor on a daily basis.

Professional Software, Inc. has partnered with Synel Americas to provide Time and Attendance solutions along with payroll automation for over twelve years. Synel Americas has been an industry-leading provider of time and labor management solutions for over 15 years and with their product line we have a wide range of solutions available to collect employee information including, badge readers, biometric hand readers, and Internet browser or PC based time entry. Our software applications interface with 90% of in-house systems and most payroll service providers like ADP and Paychex.